JL STYLE Beauty Academy offers specialized education programs for Make-up Artists, as well as specialization in chosen fields of work.

Highly standardized international education programs of JL STYLE Beauty Academy, with an emphasis on mastering all the required techniques in today’s make-up industry, provide education for Make-up Artists on the highest level, and upon course completion, through additional practical work you will be trained for independent work in the profession. Professional equipment required for the start of your independent work as a Make-up Artist is also provided.


MUA PRO I Make-up Artist Program provides a base for your future progress and development in make-up industry. With this program students specialize for Bridal Make-up Artists, and upon successful completion they receive recognized certificate and MUA PRO I Make-up Artist ID card.

MUA PRO II Make-up Artist Program provides development of advanced skills in the world of professional make-up and basic knowledge of complementary professions as well. In this program students acquire skills required for work in fashion, commercial and TV industry, with an emphasis on individual artistic development of each student. Upon course completion, students receive recognized certificate and MUA PRO II Make-up Artist ID card.